Where do Funds designated to WSM go?

All the funds donated to World Shine Ministries support and facilitate the ministry work and programs administered to children and families in Uganda. Your sponsorship educates, nourishes, and changes the hearts of orphaned and vulnerable children! There are many extra project such as emergency medical expenses, infrastructure, building projects, Animal Husbandry,  program development and more that funds are directed to when and if a surplus is provided. Your sponsored child will receive: Education at our Christian school, School supplies, School uniform, 3 meals a day, Medical care, Christian discipleship.

World Shine Ministries believes the way an organization handles its finances reflects its integrity and dependability in every arena. As a result, we have principles and policies that guide the way we fundraise and handle our finances.


The purpose of this document is to ensure good practices as required for managing new and existing Sponsorship of children within World Shine Ministries Sponsorship scheme. It is to guide directors, donors, staff in how to carry out their sponsorship work and how to relate to each School regarding the sponsorship of children.

Annual Audit

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Financial Statements, With Independent Auditors’ Report.


Financial Statements, With Independent Auditors’ Report.


Financial Statements, With Independent Auditors’ Report.