hi, I'm Rev Dr Medad Birungi

The Executive President and Founder of World Shine Ministries. It is an interdenominational ministry that reaches, raises and releases trained people into their destiny. It engages in evangelism, discipleship and intercession in Uganda and beyond. He oversees a school-World Shine Foundation School with over 600 children in South Western Uganda.

WSM is also involved in prayer, intercession, healing and deliverance ministry and caring for widows and fighting violence against women. WSM also promotes gender justice by fighting Female Genital Mutilation plus any gender based injustices

He is an international evangelist and a scholar. He has a PhD in Leadership Ethics and Integrity from Makerere University Kampala Uganda, Master of Theology from Brunel University London UK, Bachelor of Arts with Education from Makerere University

He is the Founder and President of Public Integrity Research Consultancy Organization (PIRCO)-Uganda which focuses on public integrity, good governance, peace building and conflict resolution in Uganda.

Medad has a powerful testimony on how God lifted him from “the dustbin to university lecturer” (read his testimony in his books. Medad has strong connections with the Church all over the world. For example his connections in the United Kingdom include his study in London Bible College He has special links to the New Wine Network since 1998. He is also a member of the Apostolic Network for Global Awakening led by Andy Clerk and Bill Johnson

He has a physical and spiritual burden for revival, renewal, healing and deliverance. His message is Love, Hope, Forgiveness and Reconciliation for the dying world.

Medad now has a vision of reaching: 50 cities in Uganda, Africa, America, Europe and Asia. Medad is a writer and the Author of “Tombstone and Banana Trees”, “From a Pit to the Palace” “The Challenges and Opportunities of Indigenous Church Leadership in Uganda”, The Glory of the East Africa Revival and your destiny Not Dead”. He is married to Constance, They have 5 lovely biological children, 4 boys and one girl, They also cater for hundreds of other dependents including hundreds of orphans.


November 2020

Happy New Month
As the name of the LORD did not fail Shadrach , Meshach, and Abednego in the burning furnace, so also I decree this morning that in this New Month of November, the same Name shall be your refuge, fortress and shield in the time of troubles and other invisible calamities in the name of Jesus Christ.

October 2020

Join the Dance
Speak to God on how should the month be and every footstep you make, speak a word to him in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
Safe journey to the new month and may God’s blessings follow you to make impossibilities to POSSIBILITIES in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen.

September 2020

This is your word for September
This Month of September 2020 shall be your month of rest and enjoying the fruit of your labour in Jesus Name. Toiling and struggling will be a thing of the past and never will it be your portion again. It is month and season to produce and manifest what the Lord put in you life. 

August 2020

Prayer Gate to August
Speak to God on how should the month be and every footstep you make, speak a word to him in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
Safe journey to the new month and may God’s blessings follow you to make impossibilities to POSSIBILITIES in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen.

July 2020

July a month of Refilling and Joy

As we enter the month of July, let’s concentrate on character refining. Having Charisma is indeed a good thing. Ministering under the action of the Holy Spirit is wonderful. Manifesting the gifts of the Spirit is amazing.

June 2020

Welcome to your June of joy and Jubilation.
This month of June 2020, no matter the challenges of the present social-economic global, national, local or personal situation, you and all yours will be the evidence of God’s GREAT work, caring and love. Heaven must show that you are different, precious and special to God. Be ready to sing and dance a new song for Job 22:29 will be fulfilled in your life, household, work or business.

May 2020

Jesus Meets All Our Needs
MATTHEW 14:15-18
The disciples were using natural reasoning and recognized that they didn’t have the ability to minister to the multitude’s need for food. Jesus did have the ability and the willingness to minister to their needs, so the multitude did not need to depart. All of their needs could be met through Jesus.

April 2020

Beloved of God, I pray this month of April that God’s presence in the cloud and fire will protect and preserve you and your families that God’s Glory will be you canopy where God will shelter you and be your refugee from the storm and rain God fulfilling Isaiah 4:2-6 in your lives in Jesus’ Name.

March 2020

You are an offspring of the lion from the tribe of Judah, Can a lion be tied on a tree, who would tie the  neck? No devil will tie you down anymore. The siege of the wicked over your life and finances is finally lifted in Jesus’ Name. You are free indeed in Christ. this month enjoy the fullness of your freedom in Christ.

February 2020

Senectus erat sem tincidunt mi duis vehicula, est diam molestie. Mauris in ut eget wisi, et mollis bibendum nulla.

January 2020

Beloved, May the gates of 2020 swing wide open for your divine entry and blessings. Happy new year to you and your family.

Upcoming Events

Online Evangelism


Time: Open

Due to the pandemic, have done much online evangelism, healing and deliverance, prayer and training through facebook, Zoom calls, podcasts and virtual prayer gatherings. It is really amazing how this pandemic has opened new ways to share the gospel. 

Online Vadieshkol Fellowship

DateSeptember 26

Meet: 4:00 pm

World Shine Ministries in partnership with Bethel Youth Ministries run Vadieshkol fellowship a university-aged youth fellowship meeting once a month and focusing on evangelism, worship, discipleship, fellowship. Solid teaching and intentional discipleship raise these young adults to become firmly grounded in Jesus.

Ministry Needs

We promise to honor your generosity and use your donation in the most effective way possible to build the kingdom of God and serve the people.