Community development

Around the world, many communities lack the resources needed to serve their people well. This does not mean the people of the community are lazy or unintelligent; it is likely that long-lasting cycles of poverty or a lack of employment opportunities have resulted in a failing infrastructure.

It is World Shine Ministries desire to empower people to improve their circumstances and their community through programs like Skills training, Nutrition and Food security training & projects, Clean and safe water, Radio programs, Medical Care, Animal Husbandry, Counselling and Recovery programs, Networking and Capacity building programs. Additionally, we want to support communities through food distribution, construction projects, community betterment projects, and more.

Skills training

This program is for the benefit of widows, orphans, school drop outs, young girls who have delivered at home(teenage mothers), pregnant girls, commercial sex workers, the unemployed, victims of sexual abuse, drug addicts, rural youths, poor households headed by women living below the poverty line in backward villages in the district of Ntungamo and Uganda as a whole. The program aims to equip the women with a skill that will help them to improve their living standards and generate income for their families. Through shared learning the women benefit from a sense of commitment and motivation in addition to gaining a value skill. Under this scheme 100 Widows, orphans, school drop outs, young girls who have delivered at home (teenage mothers), pregnant girls, commercial sex workers, the unemployed, victims of sexual abuse, drug addicts, rural youths, poor households headed by women will be covered at the following villages namely Ngoma, Kaina, Kayonza and grant support individually in accordance with the Budget provision besides to pay the honorarium to the Training Instructors respectively from time to time.

Community clinic

In an area where access to healthcare is limited, World Shine Ministries Hope Community Clinic respond to great need.

COU Kisiizi Hospital is one of the World Shine Ministries partners; it works in partnership with Mission Rwentobo from Tonbridge Baptist Church UK (our strategic partner). World Shine Ministries have built up knowledge of the needs of the local community in Rwentobo where they have served faithfully for many years by providing a school and other services and Kisiizi Hospital is the most well-known and trusted health care provider in the area so the partnership between the two charities is something to be proud of. The clinic is able to provide high standard acute health care, even to those on a very low income, thanks to the provision of the Kisiizi Health Insurance Scheme – one of the lowest cost schemes of its kind worldwide.

Nutrition, water and food security

World Shine Ministries serves children who arrive at school hungry, walk miles to the nearest stream, and have families that can’t afford medicine or routine checkups. It’s vital that we meet their fundamental needs, day in and day out. We work hard to ensure each child has access to clean water, nutritious food, and information to keep them safe and healthy.
Poverty and food insecurity in our community means many children are malnourished. So we provide three meals a day in our school, ensuring each child has what they need to thrive. Much of the food is grown on our farm, reducing food costs and increasing access to a balanced diet.

Water access is a challenge in the remote areas we work. So we built five shallow wells that serve thousands of families and reduce the spread of preventable waterborne illnesses. These systems also help protect women and girls, who are vulnerable to sexual assault as they walk long distances to fetch water.

Microfinance Scheme

Our microfinance scheme is a natural fit for the Women and Grandmothers, as they trust each other and are highly self-regulating. $3000 is in circulation among 128 Women and Grandmothers, with the average loan around $27. Each group member decides who will receive seed capital to invest or to start a new business, pay for medical care, or address other household needs.

And many groups have also developed their own collective community funds. Whether they use interest earned to pay for essential items like mattresses, or as a retirement fund for the most elderly members, the scheme helps Women and Grandmothers remain economically independent and provide for their families with dignity.

World Shine Ministries is committed to seeing the Gospel penetrate the society around us. As people begin to live out Biblical principles in their lives the orphan crisis will come to an end.