Mission Trips


World Shine Ministries is blessed to partner with a number of mission teams from all over the world to do the work of the Lord. Teams share the same vision of raising Godly men and women to lead Uganda and to influence the Nations of the world for Christ. Reaching through Evangelism Literature, Networking, and Advocacy. Raising through Discipleship, Training, Education and Mentoring. Releasing through Team Building, Healing and Deliverance, Motivating, Commissioning into ministry.


This team is from United Kingdom(UK) from the church called Tornbridge Baptist Church. Its headed by a great leader Gordon Miller has been visiting World Shine Ministries particularly the school in Rwentobo for several years. This team has partnered with us to preach the gospel, built the school, bought water harvesting tanks, built a resource center for computer and tailoring skills, gave out goats, put up a clinic (World Shine Hope Community Clinic) that is fully operated by Kisiizi Hospital. We appreciate them for their willingness to serve God in this capacity.


This team is from Winchester, USA and is headed by Misty Fields and John Wommack. this team has done a lot for the Lord in World Shine Ministries among which are :- Building wells in the community of Rwentobo, supporting of girls and women projects with sewing machines, provided goats for families, given cows to the school among other things. Their continued coming to Uganda is a blessings to the many.


This is a team of Young Adults from United States of America (USA) headed by Joel Jassu. This team has been coming to Uganda for years and among other things they have preached the word of God, given  goats, and participated in many other activities in Rwentobo and other communities. We are blessed to partner with Tugende Mission Team.

Joel Jassu the Team Leader graduated with a Master in Architecture and married his long time girlfriend Jalissa. We bless the Lord for what He can do.


BREAKOUT SCHOOL OF MINISTRY began in May of 2016 in Entebbe, Uganda and with the January 2017 session has now grown to encompass four locations.  A husband-wife team from Breakout Ministries in the USA comprised of Senior Pastors Ron and Mary Buch recently returned from Uganda. Ron and Mary spoke before hundreds of pastors, students and lay people. The pastors focused on the Spiritual Bootcamp curriculum at Breakout School of Ministry and in various other venues throughout Uganda.

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