Healing for the Nations International Convention


It all started in 2014 when the idea was born to start a great Healing for the Nations International Convention, with a big turn up of 2000 people at Ntinda primary school ground, this was initiated as a way to reach people with the gospel. This was really amazing as we saw people emerging from different denominations coming to preach Jesus, and nothing less or more; at the end of the gospel we saw no fights and no controversies in the gospel, more than 500 souls turned to Christ, dozens and dozens of people getting healed and totally delivered, families restored. We chose to do various forums which included Medical, Education, Governance, Art and entertainment, Security, Church forums which brought all church leaders together, Business forums and the Marriage forums, some of these happened in the western part of Uganda and also in Kampala area.
In 2015 we used the same grounds and this time around we saw more than 5,000 people turn up to be ministered to. We also witnessed excitement, the joy of salvation and many people gave their lives to Christ, some were healed and delivered during the ministry clinics that we set up during the event. We received more than 50 delegates from Africa and the rest of the world, these together with our local delegates here were able to make the convention a great success.

In 2016 the venue for the convention changed from Ntinda Primary School to World Shine Foundation School grounds in Rwentobo. 20000 people came for this convention. Heaven Kissed the earth as God touched many hearts bring healing and restoration to them.

Your generous support and unconditional love in 2017 enabled us reach over 25000 people with over 5000 people giving their lives to Christ, 3000 people recommitted their lives to Christ, over 800 people got delivered from demonic oppression and received inn healing and counselling.

Our theme for the Year 2018 was Revolutionary Love take from John 3:16. 30000 people turned for the convention. The love of  God was so evident as many broke down in tears during different sessions of the word and prayer.

The Year 2019 came with the theme taken from Revelation 21:5 “Behold I Make All Things New” truly He who is seated on the throne did new things to the mammoth crowd that came for the convention. Walls were rebuilt just like in the days of Nehemiah. The anointing of the Holy Spirit was the source of our victory and achievement.

Our theme for the Year 2018 was Revolutionary Love take from John 3:16. 30000 people turned for the convention. The love of  God was so evident as many broke down in tears during different sessions of the word and prayer.

These assemblies have brought many people across the globe who have witnessed salvation, healing and deliverance and therefore we believe our goal was achieved.


Greetings in the wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ! World Shine Ministries (WSM) which exists to raise Godly man and women to lead Uganda and influance nations for Christ, is humbled to invite you to the seventh Helaing for the Nations International Convention scheduled, 6th to 10th May 2020 at World Shine Foundation School Rwentobo – Ntugamo District. There will be over 30,000 people from over 50 countries worldwide and we expect many miracles of healing, deliverance and so much more from Our Heavenly Father god Almighty.
The Convention Theme is “We want to see Jesus” from John 12:21. Uganda, Africa and the world at large is ready for this; we would like to see the Light of the Lord shine upon all the Spheres of influence including the Government, Judiciary, Economy, Education, Media, Religion, Music and Entertainment and the Family.

The Convention’s Objectives are:

  • Mobilising, Motivating and Preparing the Church for Revival and Healing of the Nations;
  • Empowering, Imparting and Equipping the Church for Ministry;
  • Networking, Partnering and Collaborating for Ministry;
  • Fellowshipping, Renewal and Revival of Apostolic Christianity;
  • bringing Christians Together for the Common Aim of Shining for Christ.

The Convention is organised and hosted by World Shine Ministries (WSM) in partnership with Churches, christian organisations and institutions of learning. WSM is an inter-denominational, non-profit, non-political, non-racial and non-governmental, International Christian organisation helping the Church to Shine for Christ for the Healing of the Nations. WSM is involved in Reaching, Raising and Releasing people into their destiny.

Great speakers from all the corners of the World mainly from UK, USA, Finland, Canada, South Africa, Rwanda, Nigeria and many other international countries.


Rev Dr Medad BirungibyaYesu       Bp Nathan Ahimbisibwe  Bp Paul Neyman

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